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Who We Are

Rune.Academy is first and foremost an online learning experience catered towards anyone looking to expand their knowledge of alternative, eclectic, and old-world pagan spirituality. Here, inquiring minds can pass a little bit of their free time exploring an interactive environment imaginatively woven together by creatrix K.Forte. We’d like to say we’re ideal for students or spirituality in either graphically inaccessible areas, or for whom accessing real-world and in-person help is an impossibility, our doors are open to all with an open mind. Most of the people who come across us find us and follow us just for fun or for creative reasons.



While we specialize in European, and more specifically Norse and Slavic practices, we love, support, and appreciate all cultures and alternative spirituality efforts the world over, whether they be eclectic, reconstructionist, heavily ritual focused, or simply appreciative of history with the goal of preserving and reenacting. We believe that the old gods and therefore the religions (as well as solitary practices) that have risen, fallen, and have been reborn again around them are free to be studied and participated in by everyone. We openly condemn groups who seek to marginalize and gate-keep spirituality, and therefore the very basic right to freedom of thought and belief.



Please take note of our signature present on the Declaration of Deeds and the Xenia Declaration. (Our signature on Declaration 127 is still pending.)



Rune.Academy is a secular entity, not affiliated with any religious organizations or institutions and will never attempt to push anything taught here onto anyone. We do not proselytize here. Our only mission is to educate, to make education fun, and be Hela creative about it!


How We Came To Be

Ideas for creating an interactive learning environment and world-building experiment had played their tunes inside creator K.Forte’s mind her entire life, but the first definitive step to making Rune.Academy into a reality was taken on June 25th, 2017. That was the day the topic of diving headfirst into this lifelong creative project was first ever seriously discussed. A name was immediately found for the school and the domain was officially registered.

It would be quite a few months before decisions could be made on exactly how to structure the entire affair, but the very first version of the site finally became live on October 13th, 2017. You can take a look at what it used to look like for yourself here.


As of today, Rune.Academy is still growing and resources are still constantly being added. What began as a small idea grew quickly as the massive  potential was soon realized. What is now a tiny seedling begs to take root and transform itself into a mighty oak: strong, proud, and branching out into the heavens in search of a better tomorrow. We hope to nurture this seedling as the years go on, until the end of time.


However, as it stands today, the Rune.Academy team is just a small group of friends, primarily run by K.Forte, who share a common interest and hope to bring to the world a bit of beauty and magic -as much as it can in the small free bits of time that they all collectively have to spare. This will come to you, the dearest of all curious souls, in the form of myths, tales, and a bit of dynamic and interactive education. We always have a big project in the works in the background!


We hope to make Rune.Academy a stand-alone donation-based institution, and to never be affiliated with any franchises, corporations, religions (or cults). Everything we post will be highly scrutinized and researched, and presented in a memorable manner, so that all who visit may get the most out of their experience here. Who knows, maybe, in the future, there will be even more of us on the team to bring you more great content even sooner!


In an effort to have the utmost transparency to all who visit our site, there exists a meticulously recorded updates section to help keep you informed of any changes made to it. On that note, please be patient when awaiting new updates. Most of the operations on this site are run on a spare-time-only basis, as Rune.Academy is a passion project more than anything else.


Please donate freely, openly, and generously, as all donations help us grow and pay for the costs of running everything. Your help is endlessly and incredibly appreciated.


And please, don’t be a stranger. Check back often to see how we’ve grown and expanded. We’d love to have you experience all of the magic with us!

The Fist of the Swamp Men

A Thank You To All Of Our Wonderful Volunteers


Jo-Ann is the primary cheerleader and voice of reason for all that is Rune.Academy. Her immeasurably valuable consultation and willingness to travel, model, go on hefty adventures, and be hands on with her aid for the physical as well as virtual aspects of R.A are deeply appreciated.


Mike is an incredibly talented code developer, capable of jumping in at the drop of a hat, and understanding any given crisis situation given that it's explained in understandable enough English. He is the safety net between Rune.Academy and complete disaster. He is deeply treasured.


Darya is the Rune.Academy resident forest fairy. Her mythological nature is evident to all when they first meet her in her natural environment. Her knowledge of practical witchery makes her an invaluable member of the R.A team and she's also a wonderful researcher and writer.


Nicole is an incredibly hardworking designer and visionary who makes art and paints in her spare time. She greatly helped Rune.Academy when she offered to intern and created truly one of a kind, irreplaceable animal logos for some of the soon to be announced features of the school.


Loki is the biggest lover-boy smush in the smallest package you ever did meet. He loves voicing his opinions and supporting even the strangest of projects. A very well-trained boy who knows how to make mischief and get away with it scot-free every time.

Volunteer Reviews

Jo-Ann Rosa Review Image


On the Ground Support and Logistics Volunteer

With regards to Rune.Academy, I can personally attest to K.Forte’s incredible drive, creativity, and dedication to her projects. When she first spoke of building the site and the experiences it would provide, it wasn’t the tone of a whim project but one which she truly had passion for and actual plans to back up her ideas.

One of her first major projects for Rune.Academy  was to create a movable cart she would use to sell her creations at craft fairs. She bought everything she needed and then proceeded to customize the materials and use them in unique ways to finish her goal. Last year she successfully crafted and sold her art while networking with her fellow sellers. There she bettered her marketing strategy, learned tips and tricks, and implemented needed changes in her style.

Her creativity is incredible and her willingness to listen to others demonstrates she is prepared to put in the hard work and dedication needed to take on such a large project.


Writing and Wholesale Collaboration Volunteer

K.Forte’s passion for the mysterious has been proven through her extensive research on various topics in mystical arts, and expressed with love and fascination through her crafts. Each one of her handmade items is pure magic and radiates the feeling of finding a gift from a faerie.
As someone who has been fascinated with the occult and dabbled in the Wiccan ways, I found K.Forte to be endlessly intrigued in learning all she can about the magical realm as well as be a wonderful source of inspiration to me and many others.
When K.Forte began selling her handmade beauties at craft fairs, she encouraged me to make some wire wrapped crystals, lip balms, natural salves, etc. to display at her table as well. K.Forte is a beam of light, and buying any of her products is sure to bring joy to your home and practice.

In Loving Memory


Aleh was an endlessly talented illustrator, author, friend, and a great inspiration for this site. His powerful mind could create elaborate worlds and write them down for all his readers to enjoy. His mesmerizing illustrations were more beautiful than any dream. He is greatly missed.


Svietlana was a daughter, sister (twin), aunt, artist, and great inspiration for this site. Her knowledge of the way things were in ages long past would spark an endless thirst to learn and remember. Her compassion would warm even the coldest of hearts. Her legacy lives on in our hearts,


Valerie was a wonderful mother, artist, teacher, and creative thinker. She went to the greatest of lengths for her family and would stop at nothing to ensure everyone was well taken care of and fairly treated. She would fight the hardest battles for us and we are eternally grateful for her.


Midnight was the kindest and gentlest cat in the world. She loved looking out of the window and warming herself in the rays of the sun. She'd bring that lovely warmth throughout our home and into our hearts. May she eternally bathe in rays of warm light and sleep on the softest of pillows.


Charlie was the sweetest cat and a good boy. He gave the best cuddles and was a very diligent work-from-home supervisor. We wish we had more time with him, but he left us purring and surrounded by those he loved. May he always find himself purring amongst loved ones.

We Want You Thriving - Not Surviving!