Frequently Asked Questions

This page will be periodically updated as the website grows and more frequently asked questions become relevant.

Before writing to us in our Suggestion Box, consider checking to see if your question was already answered here by K.Forte.

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There is an immediate explanation regarding Rune.Academy’s creation that can be found in the About Us section of the site.


The additional backstory to this unnecessarily difficult world building exercise is more complex. To sum up, when I was very young, I was given the opportunity to fly across some oceans and continents to visit my extended family for the first time in a multitude of years. I became incredibly close with a wonderful familial role-model in that time, and she, as well as many other newly rediscovered family members and friends, ended up teaching me all about the stranger side of the world that I’d inevitably been missing out on while living at home. Among the many ancestral mythologies and legends they’d all introduced me to, one memory has always stood out as having made the most impact on my youth. 


During my stay, I’d hand crafted a set of Casting Runes with the help of my newly rediscovered role-model. She’d taken me under her wing, and among the many lessons she’d taught me that trip, one of the most important was that I could make my own fortune and my own future, with my own hands if need be. It was the first time I was ever really exposed to ideas, customs, and beliefs that were so ancient, fascinating, and full of “unconventional thinking” by modern westernized standards. All I wanted was to live in a world that abided by and honored the old spirits and gods, full of magic, mystery, and rich lore…


It planted a seed that finally took hold in my mind later years, after I’ve already had plenty of time to grow and develop the hobbies, skills, and interests necessary to make everything I’m working on here a reality. Especially in light of magical schools seeming popping up left and right fueled by pop culture fantasy crazes, I felt it was definitely an undertaking not too unachievable. Especially since everywhere I looked prior, it seemed the specific kind of magic and practice and culture I was exposed to as a child was not well enough represented in any of them. I set out to create the school I wished I could have always come across myself but never found.


Naming Rune.Academy after one of my favorite moments growing up felt like a nice way to honor my great role model’s memory and make a permanent home for the things she’d inspired me to pursue.


Enjoy Rune.Academy!

Unfortunately, there is no physical location that can be visited as of yet. However, we do have a roaming cart that occasionally pops up and sells tantalizing wares at craft fairs.

The maps are a teaser of things to come! You can always see a full gallery of maps by visiting our art gallery page.

The short answer to this question is, “Nope! They’re a secret!” The long answer is as follows:


This project site is currently run by me, K.Forte, as mostly a passion project. Occasionally, there are eternally loved and appreciated volunteers who come on board to help. But usually, it’s a one-woman run operation. This means all coding, artwork, research, writing, developing, and major decision and mistake making is done by predominantly one person. If anything goes wrong, you can rest assured that all fingers point at me. This also means that nearly everything having to do with this massive world-building exercise of a site is a learning experience.


Because of this, there are a multitude of projects open all at the same time. When we encounter problems with one, we move on to another. This is while hoping that working on the second will allow us to learn something new or gain some sort of insight that will end up helping resolve issues with the first. You can imagine how many projects that leaves us with as “in the works”. If all working projects were to be made public at once, we’d be unfairly getting our selected niche audience excited… only to have them become aggravated as to how long the updates were taking a short time later.


Rest assured, however, that the people who work on Rune.Academy are all incredibly wonderful and driven members of society. Anything we learn in the real world, we try to bring back here and make fit into this little pocket one. Perhaps someday, in the near or far future, someone will get a little joy out of exploring it.

At the moment, the Rune.Academy experience, insider content, and member areas are still being fleshed out and tested. Some of these areas are publicly available, but most are not. This is expected to change at some point in the future, but as it stands, the school is in a “closed beta” state. This means that only a select few have access to the testing grounds, as they’re actively working to help assure the site runs smoothly as it develops. Unfortunately for us and fortunately for you, this is an entirely volunteer run operation, and we’re always in need of helping hands. You can volunteer with us by contacting us via the Suggestion Box.

Donating money or digital currencies can be done on our Donation Page. You can also choose to buy something from the shops once they are set up to receive something in return for your donation. All profits earned from items sold in the shops will go right back into the development of Rune.Academy.

Donating your time and services as well as resources works slightly differently. Such donations have to be handled more individually depending on what you’re willing to bring to the table. If you’d like to join and help, you can contact us via our Suggestion Box and we’ll place you on our list and give you a copy of projects we currently need help with, depending on your strengths. From there, you can either claim a brand new project or select from a number of unfinished projects you’d like to contribute to. We try to keep things as organized as possible. Anything from coding, to marketing, to artwork, to research help is greatly appreciated. We are already far from where we’ve begun, but we still have a long way to go. We truly appreciate any help we can get. Please feel free to contact us with specifics via the Suggestion Box and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.