Post-Hibernation Updates

So as promised, the following is a comprehensive list (in no particular order) of the updates and fixes made to the site while it was down in maintenance mode. No dates are attributed to any of the following updates because everything was done very sporadically throughout all of downtime (and also vaguely simultaneously).

  • I corrected the way the updates page looked and behaved so that half of it was no longer magically missing. This was the main deterrent from making the website live!
  • The total site layout was once again fixed. Alongside some minor updates to the website illustrations. But a full illustration overhaul will be coming later, so that shouldn’t be a major point at this stage. All current illustrations are basically stand-in rough drafts of what they should ultimately become. Updates will be live-streamed on Twitch and other social media as they happen.
  • A slew of various necessary declarations were signed by me on behalf of this site. This was done primarily to make my stance known on certain controversial (to some, obvious to others) topics, and hopefully also to deter certain toxic personality types from bothering me on any of my platforms. All links are prominently displayed on the About Page as well as in the footer widgets of all pages. They’ll also be updated periodically as R.A makes a stand in more places on more topics.
  • Piggybacking off of the previous point, the About Page was further fleshed out, both in the main body as well as the individual bio’s you can find there. More content was overall added, and volunteer reviews were moved from the front page to there to help differentiate them and keep everything organized.
  • This might be a bit strange to put on this list, especially since I’ve already made an entire post on it previously, but it happened during maintenance mode downtime so it belongs. I finally was able to set up the Events Calendar I’ve been looking forward to for a while! It’s not complete by any means and still needs to be fully fleshed out but it’s a promising start!
  • The Suggestion Box was actually broken 😂 (in the dumbest way possible) so don’t use that for now hahahaha. You can contact me instead via my social media handles that can be found pasted all over the site. It’s not too much of a priority since I’m easy to get in touch with on Instagram, Tik Tok, etc.
  • Some of you may realize now that TikTok is a new platform I’ve never mentioned before. This will be further elaborated on in a later update as well, but Rune. Academy now has a few more presences online than it previously had, all of which can be found on our LinkTree which can be accessed here. It also includes a commissions section!
  • Alongside that, new Donation avenues were set up. Some still need further updating but, for the most part, all groundwork should be there. They can, again, be found on R.A’s LinkTree.
  • Etsy has also been set up and linked to all the shop links on the page. Items are slowly being added.
  • Possibly the largest change to have happened was the start of a new (unfortunately on the down-low for now) project that allowed for such a pivot in what I was doing behind the scenes that I was able to delete a MASSIVE amount of half-started projects and data. I’d originally had this idea where I was going to combine a plethora of interactive mediums that were difficult to integrate and banked on this website being the main hub for them all. Worrying on the integration caused me to stagnate on actually working on the content itself. It’s a good thing I didn’t sink too much time into it! Because I found a solution that I feel I can definitely handle all on my own and am finally working on something much better! And it’s finally all in one place!

There’s a strong possibility that I’m forgetting something, because for some reason, I didn’t start this post as I was working on everything, but after. So there’s a chance that something actually didn’t make it on here. Apologies if readability is a bit iffy on this post. It’s very late and I’ve been putting off publishing this for long enough now. I need to complete it and move on to the next thing.

Productivity is key!

I wish you all the absolute best and hope to see you all again in the near future~!~~

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