Massive Maintenance Mode Update

Welcome to the Massive Maintenance Mode Update!! To explain this update, you first have to understand that most of Rune.Academy’s look and feel info as well as database info was lost in the crash, so we rebuilt whatever we could find and remember. We ended up completely moving providers, which I may have failed to mention in the previous updates, because the backups the previous one made only backed up the bare minimum and weren’t doing their job correctly in archiving everything they were supposed to be archiving (mainly databases… which means we lost basically all of our old updates posts unless they were archived by a third party, which is how we got back whatever we currently have back,). There’s still a few things left to remake, namely java-script interactives, but that’ll have to be done in later updates, as they’re currently a lot less pressing. This update is being posted for bookkeeping purposes and to update everyone on board while the website is still down in maintenance mode.

Everything was worked on at the same time, throughout the duration of a few months (with the site being in maintenance mode for close to a year now), so no dates will be given for any of these. But as of today, this is where everything stands regarding the rebuild:

  • All old pages have been reinstated, even if some are still blank, all old links are currently live again.
  • SSL Cert is back up again. New laws make it so those have to be manually redone every year now so that’s annoying. But the new SSL comes with a fancy-shmancy emblem that we placed at the footer of the site.
  • Suggestion box – don’t use it yet. Yikes.
  • Work in progress images were added to all side menus that are clearly still works in progress. The bookcase menu still clearly has to be taken a gander at with a second pair of eyeballs to reconfirm that it looks wonky.
  • All fonts work now! All site colors are all set and work now! There’s an odd berry purple that pops up in some places but it’s kind of pretty so I’m leaving it. It looks like the light purple of the above sweet treats.
  • New features like the lexicon and calendar have begun work!
  • The about-us section has been redone and more has been added in. It’ll have to be redone again because I’m actually waiting for some new valuable information to go through. (Currently at a 1/3 on that.) Will also be placed in the footer when that’s done.
  • Donation buttons are back up and functioning. They’ve also been placed in the footer. And the page is back.
  • The Art-Gallery is functional now! Yay! I placed all of the old website illustrations there for a nice nostalgia trip later on in years. Here’s a screenshot where you can also see the current footer. The emblems on the bottom are for gallery display. The text will be changed later.
  • The updates section has been completely fixed aside from the aforementioned sidebar. Might place a header image in there later but that’s not currently a priority.
  • FAQ was checked again even though there wasn’t really anything broken there.
  • The Homepage is still broken. updates won’t save. No idea why because the rest of the site is clearly being worked on and updated perfectly fine. I’m wondering if I should just make a completely new homepage and then delete the old one…
  • A LOT of features have been removed form the back-end to lessen clutter. They’ll be added back once we’re ready for them. There’s really no need for them to be sitting around back there without being used.
  • User login pages have been dismantled so that they can be made completely from scratch again. Yikes again.

Aside from that, March is the month that everyone is celebrating their birthdays here! So happy birthday to everyone and their mother! And happy birthday to me too soon! See you in the next update!

Rune.Academy Castle Header Image

More Core Website Updates

Well wishes to everybody~ Hope your summer is going great! 

This second update began immediately after the first update was posted.

  • July 3rd –Rerouted the url to take the visitor to the new site instead of the old one (very very sorry for the period the website was down and looking extremely broken). Removed old website files from the server. 
  • July 10-13th –Moved already existing pages from old system to new system (some updates were made and some pages were consolidated). Added all old fonts (although some stubbornly refuse to work) and some old images (most need reworking and are in a new “draft” status). 
  • July 14th – 1:00AM –I got the side menu in decent working order! I’m no software engineer but it moves and looks nice and that’s all I need to be happy for the time being! This is great! Added Suggestion Box functionality. Changed filler text on the main slider. Added a quick Rune.Academy castle filler painting to the top header so it isn’t the default from before:

(This image is basically just me playing around with the layout of the castle and seeing what kinds of changes I should make to the larger images in general. As the header image, the entire picture can’t be seen all at once unless the entire page is resized a certain way, but it serves the purpose so it’s staying.) 

Rune.Academy Castle Header Image