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More Core Website Updates

Well wishes to everybody~ Hope your summer is going great! 

This second update began immediately after the first update was posted.

  • July 3rd –Rerouted the url to take the visitor to the new site instead of the old one (very very sorry for the period the website was down and looking extremely broken). Removed old website files from the server. 
  • July 10-13th –Moved already existing pages from old system to new system (some updates were made and some pages were consolidated). Added all old fonts (although some stubbornly refuse to work) and some old images (most need reworking and are in a new “draft” status). 
  • July 14th – 1:00AM –I got the side menu in decent working order! I’m no software engineer but it moves and looks nice and that’s all I need to be happy for the time being! This is great! Added Suggestion Box functionality. Changed filler text on the main slider. Added a quick Rune.Academy castle filler painting to the top header so it isn’t the default from before:

(This image is basically just me playing around with the layout of the castle and seeing what kinds of changes I should make to the larger images in general. As the header image, the entire picture can’t be seen all at once unless the entire page is resized a certain way, but it serves the purpose so it’s staying.) 

Rune.Academy Castle Header Image

First Major Website Update and Goodbye to the Old Layout

Hello everyone!

This is going to be fairly long, so sit tight.
There has been a major, major, major, update to the look and feel of the website.

The previous platform that has been used to run the website has now officially been scrapped. It was meant to be a “learning playground” type of website to begin with, where I figured out what worked and what didn’t work, and what I simply wanted out of this website. Although there was a very beautiful, and almost nostalgic, sort of charm to the previous design, this one offers more functionality and room to grow (without feeling too confined and messy the busier it gets).

So, to get some simple things out of the way first, the following is a visual homage to the prior look and feel of the website. Most of the art is still in rudimentary draft phases, but has been transferred over in-tact, in some form or another, to the new site. Likewise, the information on the pages has been transferred over, although there are updates to the content made constantly.

The Front Page: (the current one can be found here)

This was where the major announcements/greetings to the general public could be seen.

The About Rune.Academy Page: (the current one can be found here)

This was where the visitor could find some general knowledge about Rune.Academy and how it began.

The About Our Creators Page: (this page was consolidated into the one above it and can be found here)

This was where the visitor could find out about Rune.Academy creators and those that helped out and inspired the endeavor.

The Our Site Gallery Page: (the current one can be found here)

This was where the visitor could view a catalog of all of the art that illustrated the website.

The Suggestion Box Page: (the current one can be found here)

This was where the visitor would be able to leave suggestions to site owners about anything their hearts desired. Or just say hi.

The Legal Statements Page: (the current one can be found here)

This was where the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use were housed.

The Donation Page: (the current one can be found here)

This was where the visitor could leave us a donation for our labor on the site.

And finally…

The Old Updates Page with the Original First Post: (the current one can be found here)

This screenshot is elongated specifically so you would be able to read the previous updates made to the old website. Since I’m trying to carry as much as I can over, I thought, why not the old updates as well? The background couldn’t scroll on the previous layout, but if it could, it would have been very boring. Fun fact; those are some of my friends up there. I try to include people I know in these images a lot. It makes my heart glow when I browse the website. It’s like looking through an old photo album.

The change onto the new platform has been, in many ways a blessing and a curse. A blessing because the future looks brighter and a lot of changes can be made faster and more seamlessly. And much more functionality is available with it. It’s a curse because I have to try to get a layout that I like now out of this new one that was provided me. So please sit tight while I try to edit it. I want it to visually evoke emotions that are at least similar to what I almost achieved with the previous one.

Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the past! Thanks all!